nemoPuzzle is a fun puzzle game for all ages. It's the best choice to challenge ourselves, look out for more functions in near future.

nemoPuzzle has a variant edition, call Panda Puzzle. It's also available on Google Play. It's cute and suitable for kids. It also enables lots of AY!PLUS features.

• Shake device to get puzzle photo randomly;
• After finishing puzzle, it's easy to share result, photo, and message with your friend on  facebook(or Tencent Weibo)
• "Hint" to show you the original picture
• Using built-in and installed applications to share nemoPuzzle
• Customize SNS message before posting to Facebook or SNS network

New function 1.02.05
• Add shortcut buttons to switch operations easily
• New game modes: SWAP which interchanges position of two adjacent puzzles
• Support upload score to Facebook
• Sound effects while puzzle moves or swaps
• Support background music play
• Champion mode is ready. Go playing puzzles with others or your friends