» Software Products:

RollTech Technology provides total solutions for Embedded Java Platform, which includes Embedded Java virtual machine and value added JSRs to support Java applications. Our J2ME product categories are:

  • NemoMP: embedded Java for mobile

    NemoMP, New Motion Micro Platform, is an optimized embedded Java solution for any resource-constrained handheld device, including mobile phones, PDA and portable devices. NemoMP not only enables users to discovery, download, and install Java applications to their personal devices, but also enriches the user experience by connecting with different kinds of wireless services.


    Basic Profile
    - JSR 118 MIDP 2.0
    - JSR 120 Wireless Message API
    - JSR 135 Mobile Media API
    - JSR 139 CLDC 1.1
    - JSR 185 JTWI
    - Value-added Components (e.g. for enterprise applications, etc.)

    Optional Packages
    - JSR 75 FileConnection/PIM API
    - JSR 82 Bluetooth/OBEX API
    - JSR 172 XML Parsing and Web Services API
    - JSR 177 Security and Trust Services API
    - JSR 179 Location Service API
    - JSR 180 SIP API
    - JSR 184 Mobile 3D Graphics API
    - JSR 205 Wireless Message API 2.0
    - JSR 211 Content Handler API
    - JSR 229 Payment API
    - JSR 234 Advanced Multimedia API
    - JSR 238 Mobile Internationalization API
    - Operator's extension specifications, including China Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, etc. 

    Target Devices
    - Mobile phone
    - Portable Navigation Device
    - Portable Media Player
    - Personal Digital Assistant
    - Digital Camera

    - Address Book (VAC package)
    - RSS Viewer (VAC package)
    - Notification (VAC package)
    - Presence service (Lotus Sametime) (VAC package)
    - Entertainment, Online / Offline Gaming
    - Multimedia Player
    - Location-based Service
    - Information Service
    - Mobile Commerce / NFC
    - Instant Messaging


  • NemoCE: embedded Java for consumer electronic device 

    NemoCE, New Motion CE Platform, is used for high-end consumer devices, including devices special designed for MHP and Blu-ray applications. It supports set-top box (STB), car entertainment system, internet/interactive/Digital TV, and DVD player, etc. 
    Key Features
    - JavaME CDC
    - JSR 216 Personal Profile 1.1
    - JSR 217 Personal Basic Profile 1.1
    - JSR 218 CDC 1.1 (CVM / JIT VM)
    - JSR 219 Foundation Profile 1.1
    - JSR 927 Java TV 
    - JSR 066 RMI Optional Package
    - JSR 169 JDBC

    Target Devices
    - Blu-ray DVD player
    - Set-Top Box (STB)
    - Digital Photo Frame
    - Car Entertainment System
    - internet/interactive/Digital TV


» Customization Service: 

RollTech Technology provides customization service to help customers, so that their products can have the best performance with RollTech Embedded Java Platform enabled. RollTech Technology works closely with customers and this can help customer products time to market.

» Certification Service: 
"Write once, run anywhere" is the beauty of Java. It's important for customers products compliant to Java standard and be able to execute any Java applications.
RollTech Technology provides certification service to help customers' products compliant to Java standard.

RollTech Technology's Embedded Java Platforms, NemoMP and NemoCE, are optimized for use on resource-constrained embedded devices. With RollTech Technology's practical experiences in engineering and service, RollTech Technology is your best partner of embedded Java solution.