Wearable & IoT Solution

RollTech has leading software technology and experience on Mediatek wearable and IoT chipsets.

We provide,

Development Kit for Wearables and IoT

    - Rich Graphical UI Framework providing design freedom.
    - Complete SDK supports with graphical rendering, font, image decode, linear transform, watch faces, notification, theme, i18n, weather, and full set of widgets, etc.
    - Powerful Simulator and Tools for applications and product development on Win7 environment.
    - Seamless Bluetooth connection and synchronization between wearables, IoT and smart phone.
    - Co-design with Mediatek MT2523 chipset.

Demo video shows SDK features and uniqueness.
  1.   - On Youtube
  2.   - On Tencent, especially for visitors from China
Introduction material is available on SlideShare.
Telehealth solution

    - Wearable: wristband and watch
    - Software design to connect any BT meter with Mediatek wearable device
    - Tailored made android application development
    - Health cloud integration and service

Project based wearable & IoT solution

    - Enable your solution or innovation on Mediatek 2502 and 2523 chipset, the world's
      smallest SoC
    - Both device side and cloud side software

Consultant services

    - Software design and development consultant on Mediatek 2502 and 2523 chipset
    - Connect you to more than 70 OEM/ODMs in China