RollTech Announces Wearable Connected Health Solution based on the Smallest Wearable SoC
–Taiwan, Taipei - Wed. March 03, 2015

RollTech Technology Co., Ltd. today announced wearable connected health solution, a wearable software solution based on MediaTek wearable Aster SoC, the smallest SoC in the market.

RollTech connected health solution can line-up with medical devices which include: blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, pulse oximeters, weight scales and thermometers. This new connected health solution is a user friendly personal gateway to transmit daily data to the Cloud, giving a user, clinicians, care coordinators or family members, the ability to read and monitor health signs through the Web or a mobile device. RollTech and ForaCare have jointly developed FORA Smart Watch by using RollTech health connected health solution.

Powered by MediaTek's Aster MT2502 and RollTech professional wearable service, the FORA Smart Watch can read data from the medical devices via Bluetooth and transmit data to the Cloud via a cellular or Wifi wireless network. The FORA watch can remind a user to measure blood glucose and blood pressure, take medicine or see a doctor. Moreover, a user can make an emergency call for help when they are alone or injured in an accident. Additionally, if family members worry about their elderly relative, the FORA watch can track their whereabouts.

"ForaCare is a leader company in medical device technology. We leverage Mediatek Aster SoC's excellent wireless connectivity capability to design a wearable connected health solution for ForaCare. This joint development of FORA connected health watch by ForaCare and RollTech helps people to well care of parent's health anywhere." said Mrs. Huiling Liu, President and CEO of RollTech Technology Co., Limited.

About RollTech Technology Co., Ltd.
RollTech is a company providing embedded software and value-added service for mobile and wearable and IoT. For mobile phone, RollTech provides Java virtual machine, content distribution platform and applications. For wearable and IoT, RollTech has leading software technology and experience on Mediatek wearable and IoT chipsets, and provides both device side and cloud side software. RollTech cooperates with China manufacturers with product shipment experience in worldwide since 2007. The company offers you the connection to more than 70 ODM/OEMs in China. For more information, please contact or visit our website.