• RollTech Announces Wearable Development Kit to Facilitate Application Development on Mediatek MT2523
    RollTech Technology Co., Ltd., a global provider in deploying embedded software technologies and value-add services for mobile and smart devices, announced today that a wearable software development kit designed for MediaTek wearable and IoT chipset, called MT2523, is available this June. (.....READ MORE)
  • RollTech Wins TCL Global Supplier Award.
    TCL Communication honored its best suppliers for their commitment and outstanding service in "TCL Communication 2015 Global Supplier Conference". RollTech wins TCL Global Supplier Award. RollTech is a long term strategy partner of TCL Communication providing embedded Java solution on mobile. (.....READ MORE)
  • RollTech Announces Wearable Connected Health Solution based on the Smallest Wearable SoC
    RollTech connected health solution can line-up with medical devices which include: blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, pulse oximeters, weight scales and thermometers. This new connected health solution is a user friendly personal gateway to transmit daily data to the Cloud... (.....READ MORE)
  • RollTech announced AY!PLUS™, a mobile platform and service, to bridge developer and OEM together to win more business.
    AY!PLUS opens up a new OEM distribution channel for contents, and have plentiful ready-to-ship contents for OEMs. OEMs can pre-install developer's contents on device or prioritize contents on their self-owned app store. (.....READ MORE)
  • Preload and monetise your apps on more than 80 million devices worldwide!
    Rolltech and Infobip's Centili mobile payments offer you the one-stop-shop for boosting your app's popularity and profitability! Reach out to millions of users in emerging markets trough Ay!Plus app store, and offers you the possibility of preloading your apps in Android smartphones of over 70 OEMs(.....READ MORE)
  • Maxthon Announces Partnership with Worldwide Mobile Technology Leader in Android Processors
    Though Maxthon launched its Android browser three years ago, it might not be the go-to app most users have when they get their brand new smartphone....(.....READ MORE)
  • Rolltech Published New Version of nemoPlayer™, a Multimedia Player on Android Smart Phone Rolltech Technology Co., Ltd., a global provider in deploying multimedia and embedded Java technologies for mobile and consumer devices, announced today that the latest nemoPlayer™ has been published on Google Play. (.....READ MORE)

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